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On October 18th, the second stage of the Super League relegation team ended a focused battle. Henan Jianye defeated Wuhan Zall 1-0, leading temporarily 1-0 in total points in the two rounds. In this campaign, both sides continued to foul, and many players shed blood on the court. In the first half, Dorado took a penalty kick and was saved by Dong Chunyu. He succeeded in following up and shooting; Carrizo blocked his own goal. The next round of the two sides will be held at 15:30 on October 23.


At the beginning of the first half, in the 5th minute, Liu Yi and Kalanga banged their heads in the penalty area. The game was interrupted for a time. Liu Yi bleeds from his head, and Kalanga put on a hood and continued fighting.


In the 11th minute, Luo Xin brought down Evra and got a yellow card.


In the 14th minute, Dorado was knocked down, but fortunately there was no problem.


In the 17th minute, Zhou Dingyang took a corner kick and Shunich took a volley and kicked it.


In the 19th minute, Liu Yi made a cross and was cleared by Shunich. Evra shot up and the referee signaled offside.


In the 27th minute, Basso Gone cut and shot and the ball was saved by goalkeeper Dong Chunyu.

在第27分钟,巴索(Basso Gone)砍下并射门,皮球被门将董春雨扑出。

In the 33rd minute, Nahor made a pass and Liu Yi shot directly at the back and was saved by Wu Yan.


In the 39th minute, Zhou Dingyang made a pass, Bassogo pressured the two headers, and Dong Chunyu confiscated it.


In the 44th minute, Liu Yun took a free kick to the back point, and Song Zhiwei's push shot hit his teammate Carrizo, a wasted opportunity.


In the 46th minute, Niu Ziyi received a yellow card for a foul. At the end of the first half, Henan Jianye led Wuhan Zall 1-0.


At the beginning of the second half, in the 49th minute, Bassogo collided with the goalkeeper Dong Chunyu, and the referee signaled for the goalkeeper. After 1 minute, Liu Yun raised his foot too high and received a yellow card.

下半场开始,第49分钟,巴索戈与门将董春雨发生碰撞,裁判示意门将。 1分钟后,刘云将脚抬得过高,并收到一张黄牌。

In the 52nd minute, Song Zhida kicked the opponent and got a yellow card.


In the 57th minute, Kalanga ferryed the header and Ma Xingyu took a shot but missed the goal.


In the 63rd minute, Zhou Dingyang got a yellow card for fouls.


In the 66th minute, Zhou Tong and Wang Kai replaced Tomorrow and Liu Yun;


In the 71st minute, Dorado was hit in the knee, but fortunately it was not a big problem.


In the 76th minute, Bassogo passed back and Dorado's burst shot was blocked from the bottom line.


In the 81st minute, Ma Xingyu fell to the ground and the game was interrupted.


In the 84th minute, Zhang Chenglin made an inverted triangle cross from the bottom line and no one responded.


In the 85th minute, Ke Zhao fouled. The referee did not say that the Zall players were dissatisfied.


After both sides failed to score, the score was fixed 1-0 Henan Jianye won the victory.


Goalkeeper: 17-Wu Yan;




Midfield: 11 Ke Zhao, 8 Zhou dingyang, 10 basogo (88, 20 Feng Boxuan, U23), 28 Ma Xingyu (86, 30 Zhong Jinbao), 34 Luo Xin;

midfield: 11 KE Zhao, 8 Zhou鼎扬, 10 把SOGO (88, 20 Fe NGB O选, U23), 28 maxing与 (86, 30 z洪jin包), 34 luo X in;

Forwards: 9-Dorado, 7-Kalanga;




Guards: 15 tomorrow (66, 24 Wang Kai), 22 Liao Junjian, 5 Han Pengfei, 3 Liu Yi (45, 29 Zhang Chenglin);


Midfield: 30 carrisole, 26 Liu Yun (66, 11 Zhou Tong), 25 Nahor, 18 song Zhiwei, 17 Evra;


Forward: 19-Hu Jinghang (U23);


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