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According to the latest news from Mingji Romano, Cavani’s agent has reached an agreement with Manchester United on Cavani’s joining, and the players will fly to Manchester for medical examination today.

根据罗曼诺(Mingji Romano)的最新消息,卡瓦尼的经纪人已经与曼联达成了加入卡瓦尼的协议,球员将今天飞往曼彻斯特进行体检。

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Cavani has not found an owner after leaving Paris Saint-Germain. He is now in close contact with Manchester United. Now, Cavani’s agent has negotiated a personal agreement with Manchester United, and his agent fee will be lower than before. 10 million euros reported.


Cavani will fly to Manchester for the joining medical examination today. According to previous media reports, he will get a 1+1 contract at Manchester United with an annual salary of about 10 million euros.

卡瓦尼今天将飞往曼彻斯特参加体检。根据先前的媒体报道,他将在曼联获得一份1 + 1合同,年薪约为1000万欧元。

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