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Tiger Fight, September 30, former Paris chairman Daniel Hetchter talked about Tuchel's work in Paris in an interview with The Parisian.

9月30日,《老虎扑灭》(Tiger Fight),前巴黎董事长丹尼尔·赫彻特(Daniel Hetchter)在接受《巴黎人》采访时谈到了图切尔在巴黎的工作。

"People always compare Tuchel and Klopp, but Tuchel is not as good as Klopp. Let alone Klopp, I think Tuchel is no better than Blanco and other French coaches. ."


"If Paris invites foreign coaches, then their requirement is that the new coach is better than before. Ancelotti did a good job before, but at the time, the Paris executives struggled to get him to leave."


"I think a big problem in Paris is that no one in the management really understands the ball. In this way, Leonardo is a bit alone."


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