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Netease Sports reported on September 25:


In the 13th round of the first stage of the Chinese Super League, Beijing Guoan lost 0-1 to Shanghai.


First, Pereira commented on the game: "I think our game played more consistently today, whether it was the first half or the second half. In the first half, both sides played offense and defense, and played more balanced. The level is equal; we created a lot of scoring opportunities in the second half, and we also have a lot of opportunities to score. I think we are worthy of today’s result, worthy of 3 points, and worthy of the top spot."

首先,佩雷拉(Pereira)对比赛进行了评论:“我认为今天的比赛无论是上半场还是下半场,比赛都表现得更加一致。上半场,双方进LOL下注,官网首页攻和防守都打得更加均衡,比赛水平更加平衡。 ;我们在下半场创造了很多得分机会,并且我们也有很多得分机会。我认为我们值得今天的结果,值得3分,并且值得头名。”

Speaking of the team's next round of rest, Pereira said bluntly: "Of course, we will rotate, the players deserve a rest."


Speaking of the team’s performance in this game, Pereira said frankly: "This game was a very difficult match, a duel between two good teams. Our offensive and defensive organization is doing well. And the formation is also very tight. , The mental outlook shown in the game is also very good. I am very satisfied with my players. I also congratulate my team."


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