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News from October 7th, Beijing time, the French Open began the men’s singles quarter-final contest. Because the previous match took too long, Nadal, the 12th champion of the tournament, ended his French Open at 1:30 am local time. In 100 games, he resolved the opponent’s serve win in the first set, and finally


Due to the first four games, Nadal was close to midnight Paris time when he played. In the first game, both Nadal and Cinna quickly entered the state. At the beginning, they sent love games to each other to secure the serve. After that, the scores rose alternately, and the 11th game , Nadal's state fluctuated. Sina seized the third break point opportunity, broke serve first, and entered the serve win game. However, Nadal showed a tenacious side. He successfully broke back and dragged the game into a tie-breaker, with key scoring ability. The stronger Spaniard won 7-4.


In the second set, Sinner was the first to break the deadlock. In the 4th game, he took advantage of Nadal's chances of making too many mistakes, but he was immediately broken back. The first six games were played 3-3 to a tie. Nadal began to improve his form, while Shinner's form gradually declined. Nadal broke again at the end of the set and won 6-4.


In the third set, Nadal had completely controlled the situation, leading 4-0 after consecutive breaks. In the 5th game, Sina finally kept serve and stopped losing 7 games in a row, but Nadal did not give another chance. Even the guarantee broke 6-1 to take away the game victory.




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