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Thiago joining Liverpool is the hot news in international football today. As a player who also played in the Red Army and Bayern, Harvey Alonso blessed his juniors.

蒂亚戈加盟利物浦是当今国际足球的热门新闻。哈维·阿隆索(Harvey Alonso)曾在红军和拜仁(Bayern)踢过球,他为初中生祝福。

Xavi Alonso commented in Liverpool's official news: "Welcome to Liverpool, my friend." Bayern's official social media said: "Take care of our boys!"

哈维·阿隆索(Xavi Alonso)在利物浦的官方新闻中说:“欢迎来到我的朋友利物浦。”拜仁官方社交媒体说:“照顾我们的孩子们!”

Thiago and Xavi Alonso are both from Spain. They have been teammates with Bayern for three seasons. In an interview with Liverpool’s official website, Thiago said that Coutinho and Xavi Alonso played a key role in their decision to join the Red Army.

Thiago和Xavi Alonso都来自西班牙。他LOL下注,官网首页们已经和拜仁成为队友三个赛季了。蒂亚戈在接受利物浦官方网站的采LOL下注,官网首页访时说,库蒂尼奥和哈维·阿隆索在决定加入红军方面发挥了关键作用。