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When Balotelli joked with a female guest named Dayani on the previous TV show, he mentioned the previous accusation of rape against herself, which was accused by netizens. Balotelli also responded today.


"Girls! If some people feel offended by my remarks, then I'm sorry! I know Dayani well, the way we speak may sound vulgar, but I really care about her! So stop doing these feminist acts And saying that I am misogynistic, I apologize for anyone who has offended me, but if you don’t understand the relationship between people before you blame others, then please find out first!


"I have two mothers, three sisters and one daughter, so women are a part of my life. Stop guessing about things you don't know! Good night, I love you."


Balotelli was adopted and grown up since he was a child, but later found his relatives, which is why he said he has two mothers.


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