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   Live broadcast on October 13th Juventus’ new coach Pirlo recently accepted an official interview with UEFA, talking about his journey as a professional coach and some ideas as a head coach.


   Pirlo said in an interview that after retiring, he gradually realized "day by day" that he wanted to be a coach and hoped to draw coaching inspiration from all the great coaches he has worked with in his career.


   "In the few years after I retired, I started to learn and realized that my passion to be a coach grew day by day. Therefore, becoming a coach was a natural choice."


   "I have been fortunate to work with many great coaches. Lucescu was one of the coaches in my early career. I worked with him when I was in Brescia. He is a master."


"After that, I worked with many famous coaches such as Lippi, Ancelotti, Conte and Allegri. I am very fortunate to be able to cooperate with these top coaches in the world. I am very happy to have this. Opportunity, and I will try to learn something from each of them."


   And Pirlo used his teammate Guardiola during Brescia as his "model" in his coaching position.


   "Guardiola is a role model for each of us. He is and has shown to people that he is one of the best coaches. His experience in the Barcelona youth team and then leading the Barcelona first team can prove it."


"He showed us that a young coach who is keen to promote a certain offensive football is a role model worth learning and emulating. We all have our own ideas, and I think we need to implement these ideas, but he is definitely the development of the entire football game. Role model."